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2-pce Range Ball

2-pce Range Ball

2-pce White Range Ball

2-pce Range Ball

Range Ball

Product ID: R201

The key point of emphasis for 2 Pce Range Golf Ball is impact durability and Paint durability, it is very difficult to reach this goal for many manufacturers in this field, the durability problems are also got a lot of troubles to us, so we made very endeavour to research in order to break through this forcal point during very long periods of time, now we have resolved this tough problems thorounghly.

We guarantee KINGBO 2 Pce Range Balls have excellent impact durability as well as paint durability, our ball’s durability level is similar or near to many famous brands in the world , but our price is much more attractive indeed!

  • Ball type: Range Ball
  • Construction: 2-pce
  • Cover: Du-Pont Surlyn
  • Dimple: 392
  • Compression: 85° - 95°
  • Impact durability: 300 Picks and up
  • Excellent coating and painting durability

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Ball Type


Ball Name




Impact Durability

Flight Distance


Range Ball

2 Pce Range Ball 85°-95° 392 Surlyn 300 Picks *** Middle / Middle High
2 Pce Short Distance  65°-80° 392H Surlyn 300 Picks ** Middle 
2 Pce Floating Ball 75°-90° 392 or 396 Surlyn 300 Picks ** Middle / Middle High
2 Pce Foam Ball 70°-80° 396 Surlyn 300 Picks ** Middle
2 Pce ECO Ball 80°-100° 396 Surlyn 10 Picks **  Middle 
2 Pce Coloured Ball           Middle / Middle High
1 Pce Range Ball 80°-95° 392 x 800 Picks ** Middle / Middle High
1 Pce Short Distance  65°-85° 392H x 800 Picks **  Middle
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: 2,000 Dzn
  • OEM/ODM Product, Branded Product
  • FOB: Taiwan
Contact Detail
CEO:Simon Hsu
Address:No.165,Sec.1,Meishi Rd., Yangmei City,Taoyuan County 326,Taiwan( R.O.C.)